Workers' Compensation

    How much will I be paid while I am unable to work?
    The maximum weekly benefits you can receive under the Georgia Workers' Compensation
    Law are $500.00 per week.  You may receive less, depending on your particular

    Will I be paid for the inconvenience, pain and suffering caused by my injury?  No.  Georgia Workers'
    Compensation does not pay for pain and suffering.  It only pays for the time your doctor has you disabled.

    Will I be paid for my “loss of income”?  Not exactly.  Georgia Workers' Compensation does not pay for “loss
    of income” that you lose during your disability, however weekly benefits may be paid (see question number 1).

    Who will pay for my medical bills?  The Workers' Compensation Insurance carrier pays for all of your medical
    bills, prescriptions and rehabilitation, if necessary.

    Who will pay for my travel expenses to and from the doctor?  Workers' Compensation Insurance will pay
    for the mileage to and from the doctor provided you keep a record of the distance traveled.  Our law firm will
    provide you with a form for this purpose if you need one.  

    I am already receiving Workers' Compensation Benefits now, how much longer will I continue to
    receive them?

  1. Until you return to work;
  2. Until your doctor releases you to return to your regular work (even if you do not return, your benefits will
    stop); or
  3. Until the insurance company finds a job for you.

    If any of these events occur you will not continue to receive weekly temporary total disability benefits.  You can
    possibly get more benefits if you have a permanent partial disability or we can settle your claim.

    When will my claim be settled?  Our law firm can settle your claim for you at any time, but only if the
    insurance company is willing.  If you want us to proceed with settlement of your claim you should phone and let
    us know.  Remember, we cannot force the insurance company to settle, just as they cannot force you to settle.

    How much will my claim be settled for?  This is not a simple question to answer.  It is based upon many
    factors, including (but not limited to) the type of injury you incurred, how well you recovered, the medical reports
    regarding your condition, the type of work you do, your education and training.  Once we have obtained all the
    necessary information needed to evaluate your claim, our firm’s Workers' Compensation settlement committee
    will review it and make a recommendation to you based upon our firm’s experience with other cases similar to

    When my claim is settled, when will I get my money?  Once your claim is settled (and the terms of the
    settlement are agreed upon), legal documents called a “settlement stipulation” must be prepared.  This usually
    takes about two weeks.  You will then be contacted to sign them so that they may be submitted to the Workers'
    Compensation Board for approval.  All settlements must be approved by the Workers' Compensation board,
    which usually takes four to six weeks.  When the State Board of Workers' Compensation approves the
    settlement we will be able to obtain your settlement proceeds for you within twenty days.

    If anyone from the insurance company calls me about my claim, what should I say?  DO NOT TALK TO
    ANYONE FROM THE INSURANCE COMPANY.  We will handle all communication from now on.

    What do I do with my medical bills?  Send any and all medical bills you may receive directly to our offices.  
    We will see to it that they are forwarded on to the Workers' Compensation Insurance carrier for payment.

    Who will be working on my case at our law firm?  In order to provide you the best service we can, our law
    firm will assign an attorney and several paralegals to work on your case.  When they contact you or when you
    are referred to them, please be cooperative.  We are all working as a team for you and your rights.

    What should I do when I think I am ready to settle my claim?  If you want to settle your claim, let us know.  
    Settlement is not possible in every case.  If the Insurance Company is willing, we can usually work out a
    settlement that will benefit you.  In some cases, settlement is the only way you can get any money from your
    claim. Call us to discuss this option further.

    If I am not already going to a doctor or if I want to use a different doctor, what should I do?  Do not
    change doctors or see another doctor until you consult your attorney first.  Workers' Compensation has strict
    guidelines for medical treatment which, if not followed, could keep you from getting your benefits and could
    leave you with unpaid bills.

    If I am still having pain or problems due to my injury should I go back to the doctor?  Absolutely.  In
    fact, if you do not, you may jeopardize your claim.

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